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Interesting discussions around expanding documentary practices at the non/fictionLab have inspired the idea to plan a postgrad symposium to be held at RMIT in February 2016. Together with Hannah Brasier, Kim Munro and Nicholas Hansen, we have been working on a Call for Contributions. Here is what we came up with, feel free to get in touch.

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Call for Contributions
Docuverse: A symposium for expanded documentary practices
12 February 2016, RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria

Due to technological developments, documentary practices are expanding to find new ways of capturing the world. This one-day postgraduate symposium in February 2016 aims to tackle questions including (but not limited to):

  • In what ways do digital/interactive/mobile affordances help us to create meaningful documentary work?
  • What happens to the notion of “documentary” when we start to use it as an umbrella term for such a diverse palette of practices?
  • What can we learn from other disciplines and their approach to documentary film-/video-making?
  • What is the role of industry in this expanding field and what does the Internet provide as an alternative site for documentary publication?

We are particularly interested in discussing and seeing work that is interactive, participatory, installation, locative, and essayist. The Docuverse Symposium will focus on individual documentary projects and their take on theory and practice, with the aim to facilitate critical discussions amongst different postgraduate makers and thinkers in the field.

By addressing these issues, we wish to constitute an interdisciplinary platform for debate on the matter of expanded documentary theories and practices in Australasia with the aim to establish an ongoing meet-up group to foster practitioners in the area. We therefore plan to document the Symposium in an audio-/visual format for our (yet to be built) website.

If you have a recent, current, or work-in-progress documentary project that falls in the intersection of new technologies and documentary practice or content, please email a description of your work, and a short bio to by the 31st of January. We will respond within a few days to advise you whether or not your proposal has been accepted.

We recognize that this call might be a bit short-notice and, thus, encourage you to get in contact and discuss your ideas or ask questions at any given time between now and the end of January.

Hannah Brasier
Nicholas Hansen
Kim Munro
Franziska Weidle

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